Meal Prepping for Beginners

by Mindy Cain
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Meal Prepping for Beginners

Meal prep is huge right now. Everyone is doing it. My mom spends 5-8 hours roughly every Sunday cooking. She will make lunch and dinner for both her and my step-dad for the entire week. They had been doing the Keto Diet but I recently read an article that Jillian Michaels was not a fan. You can read that here:

**Always remember to speak with your doctor before starting a new diet.**

I have decided that I am going to start meal prepping as well. I’ve been reading that the best way to start out is to meal prep twice a week only preparing enough food for two or three days and only making lunch or dinner for those days. Just pick one meal to prepare so that you don’t overwhelm yourself in the beginning.

Also you’ll need to buy tupperware containers that are all the same size, BPA free, microwavable, and stackable. 

16 Pack – SimpleHouseware 1 Compartment Food Grade Meal Prep Storage Container Boxes, 28 Ounces


Here are the list of steps to help get you started.  


Step 1: Decide what meal of the day you are going to meal prep for. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I decided I was going to start with just preparing my lunches for the week.

Step 2: Decide what day(s) you’re going to do your cooking. Most people go with Sunday’s due to work schedules and meal freshness. You have to keep in mind what you plan on making. I am super weird about food (i.e. chicken, beef, seafood) being left in the fridge for more than 3-4 days.

Step 3: Pick your recipes. It’s best to start out with simple recipes that you know you’ll definitely like. I.e. grilled chicken and veggies. Don’t prep meals that you’ve never tried before. You don’t want to ruin meal prepping for yourself.

Step 4: Write down your ingredients. Once you’ve picked out your meals and recipes that you are going to make for the week you’ll need to take inventory on what you have at home and what you’ll need to buy at the store. Once you have the list of ingredients that you’ll need to purchase get that butt to the store!

Step 5: Get to cooking! Once you have all the ingredients dive right in and starting cooking!


Meal prepping is a good way to save money and eat healthy. You’re only buying groceries for things that you need and are going to cook and prevents you from buying random ingredients that you may not even need. It also prevents you from buying your lunch.

I have provided links to other sites regarding meal prepping because I am new at this and these intelligent people definitely know what they’re doing.


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