DIY Eyelash Perm Kit

by Mindy Cain
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DIY eyelash perming has become such a popular thing. I had been wanting to get mine permed and tinted for such a long time but I never wanted to pay the $60 – 80 it costs to have it done. One of my girl friends recently tried a home eyelash perming kit and was raving it about. I decided to get on Amazon and get one for myself. 

This was such an awesome investment!! I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. The kit is fairly large and will probably last a very long time for me.

The kit includes three small bottles of each of the solutions – perming lotion, setting lotion, moisturizing lotion, and water -, eyelash glue, small rods, large rods, and small, medium, and large eye shields. You get a lot for your money with this kit, for sure. Here is the link to this kit on Amazon.

Pinkzio Premium Eyelash Perm Kit Full Eyelash Lift Kit For Professional Use, 15 in 1 Salon Lashlift Eyelash Perming kit

Eyelash Perm Kit

Some people prefer rods over the shields. I personally like the shields, mainly because I have sensitive skin and I didn’t want to risk getting the perm solution on my eyelids and cause a reaction. I have semi-long eyelashes and I chose to use the size small shields for my first time – I definitely wish I would have used the medium and next time I definitely will. The smallest shield caused my eyelashes to curl up significantly to the point that they were touching my eyelashes and curling back on themselves. It’s been a week and a half since I did them and I really like how they look now that they have relaxed some. 

The first step is to apply the eyelash glue as close to the base of your eyelashes as possible. Let it set a moment to get tacky and then place the shield or rod on the glue as tight to the base as you are able to get them. Once you feel the rod/shield is set correctly you are able to begin. Now, I read a few articles and watched a few videos before I did my own and some say to use the eyelash glue to glue down the tips of your eyelashes before applying the solutions but I didn’t do that. 

Next is to apply the perming solution. You will need a few Q tips for this step. Dip the Q tip in the perming solution and apply to your eyelashes starting from the base and stroking upwards. I didn’t keep re-dipping the Q tip but I did use it to go over my eyelashes multiple times. Mostly because I didn’t glue my eyelashes down and I was trying to get them to lay down but also because I wanted to make sure that my eyelashes were fanned out naturally and nicely. Let the perm solution sit for 15 minutes. Wipe off with the opposite end of the Q tip once the time is up. 

Now it’s time to apply the setting lotion. Dip the Q tip just like you did in the first step and apply to your lashes starting from the base up. Let set for 10 minutes. Wipe off with the opposite end of the Q tip once finished. 

Lastly, applying the moisturizing. Once again, dip the Q tip just like you did in the first step and apply to lashes. Let set 5 minutes. Wipe off with the opposite end of the Q tip once finished. 

Once you are completely finished you will want to use a makeup wipe to remove the eyelash glue from your eyelids. I heard mixed things about washing your face and eyelashes for 24 hours – kind of like how you wouldn’t get your hair wet for 24 hours after receiving a perm. I decided to do the lash perm in the evening on a Saturday night in which I knew I wasn’t going out and just waited to wash my face in the morning.  I was definitely impressed with the results. 

Before The Eyelash Perm

After The Eyelash Perm

So far this perm has lasted about a month and my eyelashes still look awesome. The bottom picture out of these three is what my eyelashes look like right after a shower about two weeks after the perm. The top two were right after I finished the perm.

Let me know what you thoughts are!

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