DIY Diaper Cake With Hidden Surprise

by Mindy Cain
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Now that the Baby Sprinkle is over I can finally post this. I made a diaper cake for one of my friends with an awesome surprise in the middle for after the birth of the baby. Diaper cakes are very popular right now and I can definitely see why. They are absolutely adorable and surprisingly not that hard to make. 

In case you aren’t sure, a Baby Sprinkle is a baby shower for someone who is pregnant with their second child. It’s more to honor the mother and welcome the baby. 


First you need to round up the diapers, tape, cardboard, ribbon, and any other odds and ends. I had bought a box of diapers and an extra, smaller package of diapers not knowing if the box would be enough but I ended up with extras which is perfectly fine because she’s going to need them too.

Diaper Cake Supples


If you plan on putting a bottle of wine in the middle as the surprise then you’ll need a cardboard box for the bottom of the cake. I just used the box from the diapers as the bottom. Then you’ll need to roll the diapers up and take them. That’s the easiest part. The difficult part is putting them around the bottle because the outside layer wants to fall down but that’s what the ribbon is for. 

Diaper Cake Step One


Once you get all the layers done it will look like the picture below. You’ll want to add a little something to the top to hid the top of the bottle. I think this only took me an hour. I love how easy it was and how great it turned out. 

Diaper Cake


Now you can add a few things for the finishing touches. I added the head bands to the ribbon and the rattle. The nursery theme was owls which is super cute. 

Diaper Cake 2

I hope this inspired you to make your own diaper cake for the next baby shower or baby sprinkle you attend!



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