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8 Creative & Inexpensive Mason Jar Christmas Decorations

by Mindy Cain
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Okay, I’m well aware that it’s only July but Christmas is ALWAYS on my mind. It’s my favorite time of the year. My house turns into Christmas wonderland and each year it gets bigger and bigger. I get that from my grandmother. Her house was always decorated from top to bottom with multiple trees and each room seemed to have their own theme. Going to her house around Christmas was always my favorite. It’s one of the many things that I miss about her. 

I keep seeing these absolutely adorable mason jar Christmas themed ideas and it inspired me to put this list together. I will definitely be making my own mason jar decorations this year. It’s inexpensive and home-y. Now to pick which one to do…. lol.

Snowflake Mason Jars

I like this idea because it’s not the normal color scheme I see with Christmas mason jars. It’s something different and cutesy. The kids could even help with this!

Snowflake Mason Jars @It All Started With Paint

From It All Started With Paint


Winter Luminaries

These pine cone luminaries are super simple to make and are absolutely adorable. If you have a pine tree or two in your yard (I have four unfortunately) why not use those annoying pine cones for cool projects?

Snowy Pinecone Candle Jar Luminaries @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda

From Crafts by Amanda


White Christmas Table Center Piece

Do you have a Christmas dinner party coming up? Are you trying to figure out what kind of a center piece to have for said dinner party? Look no further! This inexpensive and creative center piece will look absolutely stunning on your table.

From Stampin’ Dolce


Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive

Here is another creative and simple way to use those mason jars that are just sitting around in your basement. Not to mention, this is one where you can get your child(ren) involved! I’m sure they would love to help you out – what child doesn’t love to “help”? lol. 
Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive

From Mason Jar Crafts


“Joy” Mason Jar Tablescape

This color scheme is definitely right up my alley. I may try to recreate something very similar to this idea this year for my own home. I really love this. 

Make a Joy Red Mason Jars Tablescape

From Craft Warehouse


DIY Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria

I really like this look as well. It’s simple yet still festive. There’s also not a lot of stuff that you need to do to achieve this look which would be perfect for me because frankly, I’m not as creative as I wish I were. 

DIY Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria

From The Budget Decorator


Mason Jar Snow Globes

I cannot get over how ADORABLE these seriously are. I will definitely be making at least one of these this year. My son would absolutely love it. The little blue truck one makes me think of “Little Blue Trucks Christmas” which is one of my Ray’s favorite books.


From Mason Jar Crafts


DIY Snowy Mason Jars

These effortless faux snow covered jars are just darling. The best part is that they are easy to make and inexpensive as well! 

DIY Snowy Mason Jars – create faux snow-covered mason jar luminaries for the holiday season

From A Pumpkin & A Princess



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